Business and Personal Law

Business clients often need quick answers and we understand the importance of being available. Since our business lawyers concentrate their practice on business matters rather than on litigation, they are usually in their offices. Most in-coming telephone calls are taken immediately and most e-mails are responded to on the same day they are received.

Our business lawyers enjoy long-standing client relationships, many of which have spanned decades. These long-term relationships make our law practice more enjoyable for us and benefit our clients. Legal issues arise every day. Business clients are much more likely to seek legal services when they have a relationship with a lawyer. Often, the issue can be resolved with a quick document review or short conversation to help focus and confirm the client’s own analysis but this is only possible with a lawyer who already knows the client’s situation well.

In our complex world, legal matters often fall into more than one category of the law and often affect both the business and its owners personally. Unlike lawyers with practices in narrow areas of the law, our business lawyers analyze our clients’ situation from a broad-based legal viewpoint. Usually this is enough. When specialized legal knowledge is needed, any good lawyer can become a relative expert but the issue is how long it will take and how much it will cost the client for the lawyer to educate him or herself. Sometimes, the relative time and economic factors indicate that it makes more sense for the client to associate a lawyer with pre-existing specialized legal expertise and to pay a higher hourly rate. In those cases, our business lawyers are invaluable in quickly and economically bringing the associated specialist lawyer up to speed on the client and the legal issues.

We practice in the areas of:

Business Acquisitions
Business Financing
Business Mergers
Business Sales
Business Start-Ups
Business Transactions
Construction Law
Employment Law
Estate Planning
Franchise Agreements
Health Care Directives
Independent Contractors
Insurance Law
Leases-Residential and Commercial
Limited Liability Companies
Manufacturer’s Representatives
Mechanics Liens
Nonprofit Organizations
Noncompetition Agreements
Notary Services
Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships
Powers of Attorney
Probate of Decedents’ Estates
Professional Firms and Practices
Real Estate Purchases and Sales
Secured Transactions


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